Open Data Event 2024

Event title : Village Leaders Conclave: Navigating the Climate Crisis with Open Data .


The Village Leaders Conclave: Navigating the Climate Crisis with Open Data is a groundbreaking event aimed at empowering local leaders to address the challenges posed by climate change using innovative solutions and open data. This conclave serves as a platform for village leaders to share insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate on strategies that harness the power of open data to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis at the community level. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and expert panels, participants will gain valuable knowledge on leveraging data-driven approaches to adapt to changing environmental conditions. 

The event's purpose is to foster a deep understanding of the role open data plays in climate resilience, enabling village leaders to make informed decisions and implement sustainable practices. It seeks to build a network of leaders committed to driving positive change in their communities by harnessing the potential of data to monitor, analyze, and respond to climate-related challenges. The conclave aims to inspire and equip village leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to develop effective climate action plans, fostering collaboration and collective efforts towards a more sustainable future. Ultimately, this event strives to empower village leaders to become champions of climate resilience through the informed and strategic use of open data. 

What we  are  hoping to achieve in our event 

We aim to empower village leaders with the knowledge and tools to effectively navigate the climate crisis using open data, fostering collaboration and driving sustainable, data-driven solutions at the local level. 

Our hearty thanks to  all the following  event sponsors

Jokkolabs Banjul, Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN), Open Knowledge Germany, Datopian and Link Digital. 

The official ODD24 hashtags are #OpenDataDay #ODD24 #OpenDataForSDGs #BetterTogetherThanAlone.